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Feb 26 | Spain 2008

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Olof 'Olle' Eriksson

Är 22 år gammal.
Bor i Skellefteå.

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Spain 2008

Gummark, Feb 26, 21:49

Thanks to all you guys who paid for my trip:
and you who didnt want to be mentioned

Thanks to team Ferrari for all the help and the company:

Thanks to team Jones Pizza Delivery:

And thanks to all the guys who lend me bikes, especially Richard who had to see me riding his bike with the rubber side up... Thanks to all the guys who helped me with my riding by either giving me tips or watching me ride and tell me their thoughts and obeservations!

My Spain trip

It all started off with a snow storm. Me and my parents live in seperate houses, by about 60 feet, and you couldnt see the other house thru the window! It was a slow ride to the airport because theres reindeers everywhere on the roads. My mom was crying as always when she says good bye as I'm about to go on a trip. About 11 hours and three flights later I met up with the British guys of team Ferrari. We had a hard time finding our way out of the airport and I had a equal hard time understanding what anyone of them were saying The hotel was very nice for being a spanish hotel and we hit the sack pretty soon.

You could think that when you go all the way from northern Sweden to southern Spain you'd escape the snow, ofcourse not.

On the first day I wasnt feeling that selfconcious and I took everything in very small steps since I didnt want to crash any bike. The track was pretty fast in some parts, fifth gear thru one corner with the fast Aprilia SXV VDB replica of woodie, and a little slower on one part. The offroad section was very good measured by swedish standards, one speed jump, one brake jump and one fine table top. Out of the dirt section there was concrete "ribs" that shoke off the dirt from the wheels. I had a hard time with this part of the track during the whole weekend. By the end of the day I started riding faster and some fast riders like Andy Mitchell passed me and I got the opportunity to see how the offroad should be done.

On the second day I focused on helping the other riders out. I borrowed Richards standard SXV and took a couple of "fast" laps in between helping the other riders with their riding. I managed to do what I think was my third ever highside on that bike too, I realy thought I was saving it by lowsiding but in the very last minute I let off and the bike gripped, sending me off on a run... No part of my body hurt but I felt a big shame towards Richard, who on the other hand seemed to take it pretty well. Thanks for that Rich! I did a couple of faster laps on woodies VDB replica which was kind of similiar to my bike and then by the end of the last session Lee Jones borrowed me his Aprilia, helmet and gloves. Took five laps on that bike, two to learn the characteristics of the bike and then three laps really trying it out. Man thats a fast bike, no wonder tho, he is supported by Alice racing.

The third day I focused on taking pictures. There was so many fast riders out there and it was a joy learning how to take pictures of them. The British standard is very high! On the second half of the day I got to try some different bikes, one being a standard MX spec CRF 150 (Joe Jones's). Man that bike is awesome! I was almost able to reach the ground on that bike also! In the evening we hit the beer and I had a very good conversation with Greg Kinsella that gave me a lot of confidence. He's a really nice guy.

Going home was a trip. I love riding in the car with team Ferrari, they are a great bunch of lads! They dropped me of at the airport and I made my way back to sthlm. When I sat down texting woodie I looked up and my eyes were met by this very cute swedish girl that was taking the same flight as me back to Skellefteå. We exchanged looks and smiles and with my new self confidence I decided to write my number and "call me!" on the back side of my ticket. As we landed I gave it to her. My mom saw us meet and she asked if we both had been in spain, because she was as me red in the face (I've got sun burn) So I hope I get a phone call soon

The trip was just awesome. I thought it were a dream when I woke up this morning. I really enjoyed the company and I miss you guys already (in a hetero way, sorry King Karl). The track was great, the riders were awesome, the people were hillarious people and I hope I get to make up for all the help I've got making this possible. I really really needed this, mostly psychologically, north sweden is a dark and lonely place in the winter.

Thanks for everything
Olof "Olle" Eriksson, #103
New years

Gummark, Jan 01, 22:27

So we're off on the journey of 2008 now. The last day of 2007 sucked in many ways. I woke up kind of depressed and well, alcohol doesnt make it better...

But you should see life from the bright side! I got a boxing bag for christmas and now excercising is fun again. :)

My practice on the bike is becomming better and better. During this winter I'm learning a new riding style. I will ride with less slides and enter the corner more on the front wheel than before. If I manage to learn this I think there will be hard for anyone to pass me on the asphalt. I need to practice more on the offroad section but its the least fun part to practice so I need someone to practice with.

I've been practicing with Peter Ericson (world champ in snowcross) during the end of 2007 summer. We've been riding mostly sand tracks which he is kind of a expert on. It feels like I've got the hang of it, but its different from offroad sections because in motocross we have enough grip to lift the front wheel... I'll haveto use the Aprilia more on the motocross track next year. Not that much fun but hey, you've gotta do what you've gotta do.

Life rolls on as usual. I'll be riding in full time for atleast a couple of weeks more. It gets kind of lonely living in a two stories house all by myself so I'll haveto put some effort into meeting other people. It is kind of hard when you practice all the time and you are tired in the evening. I dont want to go to someone and then just lie on their couch...But on the other hand, I really need to be with other people to stay sane.

I'm lucky to have some people who can do just that with me, lie on the couch and not do anything, but its easy to wear them down.

As Peter has been saying lately, life is all about balance.

Over and out
First call

Gummark, Dec 19, 13:10

My friend Michael has created this awesome blogg which I'm gonna try to update now and then :)

As for now, this is just a test to see how it works out :)