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Olof 'Olle' Eriksson

Är 22 år gammal.
Bor i Skellefteå.

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New years

Gummark, Jan 01, 22:27

So we're off on the journey of 2008 now. The last day of 2007 sucked in many ways. I woke up kind of depressed and well, alcohol doesnt make it better...

But you should see life from the bright side! I got a boxing bag for christmas and now excercising is fun again. :)

My practice on the bike is becomming better and better. During this winter I'm learning a new riding style. I will ride with less slides and enter the corner more on the front wheel than before. If I manage to learn this I think there will be hard for anyone to pass me on the asphalt. I need to practice more on the offroad section but its the least fun part to practice so I need someone to practice with.

I've been practicing with Peter Ericson (world champ in snowcross) during the end of 2007 summer. We've been riding mostly sand tracks which he is kind of a expert on. It feels like I've got the hang of it, but its different from offroad sections because in motocross we have enough grip to lift the front wheel... I'll haveto use the Aprilia more on the motocross track next year. Not that much fun but hey, you've gotta do what you've gotta do.

Life rolls on as usual. I'll be riding in full time for atleast a couple of weeks more. It gets kind of lonely living in a two stories house all by myself so I'll haveto put some effort into meeting other people. It is kind of hard when you practice all the time and you are tired in the evening. I dont want to go to someone and then just lie on their couch...But on the other hand, I really need to be with other people to stay sane.

I'm lucky to have some people who can do just that with me, lie on the couch and not do anything, but its easy to wear them down.

As Peter has been saying lately, life is all about balance.

Over and out